Desn-and-technology/gcse/desn-and-technology-textiles. - AQA In Years 7, 8 and 9 students are assessed using National Curriculum levels with a sub level of hh, medium or low in the areas of Desning, Ss, Knowledge and Understanding and Homework. GCSE Desn and Technology Textiles Technology 4570 helps students. banks and easily create custom material for teaching, homework and assessment.

Teachers Guide 2009 Each student has an individual target to reach by the end of Year 9, and from Year 7 to 9 should make two full National Curriculum levels of progress. Oxfam booklet. Computer room. HOMEWORK. ✓ Poster/Leaflet explaining what textile covers. ✓ Write up the method of the seams/Evaluate seams.

Arthur Mellows Village College - Key As well as the on‑going marking in the students’ folders, at the end of each rotation each student will receive a summary comment, their levels for Desning, Knowledge and Understanding, Ss and Homework, and whether they are meeting their target to progress the two National Curriculum levels for that point in the year with two general targets that apply across the different technology disciplines. Key Stage 3. Key Stage 3 Document Project Identification Document Key Stage 3 Project Audit. In Key Stage 3 pupils follow the National Curriculum programmes of.

Desn-and-technology/gcse/desn-and-technology-<i>textiles</i>. - AQA
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