Who was behind the Common Core math standards, and will they. For example, the idea of collecting intimate personal data on public school students and teachers seems to have arisen spontaneously in the bowels of the National Center for Education Statistics in Washington. Dec 29, 2014. over bad homework would fuel political battles and threaten the very. So this is the idiot that aided in torturing kids with this nonsense.

What idiot invented homework? Yahoo Answers It required a small army of education psychologists to put together the data handbooks, which are periodiy expanded to include more personal information. Homework was created so that lazy teachers could lounge around doing nothing and not fulfilling their task of actually teaching during class times.

Homework Worst Things About School TheTopTens® Nobody knows who exactly authorized the creation of such a dossier on every student and teacher in American public schools, but the program exists and is being paid for by the taxpayer. View all comments about homework in our top ten list of Worst Things About. The inventor must have been drunk when they came up with this stupid crappy work. Also, it was made to punish kids when they are bad, but these idiots decide.